Monday, October 15

A glimpse into my everyday

This is me, checking my email.

It's like they have a sixth sense... they can be anywhere in the house, occupied with books or toys or a movie.. the second I sit down with a coffee to check my email, after finishing the morning chores, they appear.

"I sit you, Mommy." says my big boy.

"Waaaaaaarrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" says my cuddlebug. (Loosely translated, that means "Pick me up now!!!!" in Baby-speak.)

So I sigh, and smile, and find room on my lap for two little bums. Then I check my email, and play a quick game of Angry Birds, with my little cheerleader yelling "Get the piggies! The bad piggies!!"

Someday they will be too big to cuddle with Mommy. I'm going to get as many cuddles as I can before that happens. :)


  1. Get all the cuddles you can. Before you know it, they will be towering over you, saying "How's my little Mommy doing?"


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