Thursday, November 15

Outside Fun!

Today was a spectacularly warm and beautiful day. It was so inviting, I couldn't stay inside!

I decided to take the puppies outside to run and play, since it's been so cold and windy here lately that taking them outside would have been bad for their health.

The chores still needed to be done, so I pulled out Reid's playpen and put the puppies in it to keep them contained while I was busy in the barn.

This is MoonPie. He's new. He showed up last week while we were filling in the trench in our backyard, the one I never wrote about on here so I don't know why I'm referring to it, but at any rate... I was shovelling dirt next to my deck, and a kitten peeked out at me upside down from the underside of the deck. He said "Mraow?" and I said "Here, Kitty kitty kitty!" and he came right to me. Within minutes, Deklan was carrying him around, and the kitten just purred and purred and purred. Deklan said "This is MY kitty!" and Tyler just sighed. We have a shed kitty, now. :D

This puppy is one of the ones I really, really like... he's got such a lovely, sweet personality. I think he'll end up being mostly brown instead of black.

The cat was unimpressed by the attention the puppies gave to him.

Deklan tried to give the puppies a ride on his wagon, but they kept on jumping out. They were brave little stinkers! It was a pretty big jump! He'd stop and try to put them back in, and any puppies left in the wagon would take advantage of the situation and jump out. It made me laugh. :D

She's so cute and fuzzy!

MoonPie is channelling his inner mountain lion. He kept on stalking the goats, it was hilarious! He thought they looked tasty. They are plump, and most probably juicy, because they've been packing on weight for winter.... but still, goat?! Surely there are more delicious things for you to stalk, MoonPie.

...Like a juicy Baby! But, aww... Babies are so cuddly. Purrrr. Purrrrrrr.


Mwa ha ha haaaaa!


  1. I still think MoonPie needs a friend. An identical friend. ;)

    1. We almost took a friend home for him the other night! A kitten jumped in while I was putting Deklan in his carseat. I was driving home, and Deklan said "Kitty!" and I was like "Whatevs", and then the kitty jumped up and climbed in my lap. I said "Oh, a kitty!" So we had to turn around and bring the kitty back. :D

    2. Hahahaha! I *thought* that I heard you come back! See? Even our kitties know that he needs a friend. :D


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