Tuesday, May 20


That is the closest I can get to writing the sound of a gargling death cry.

I only write that because, holy moly everyone on TV is dying!

CSI's Warrick, DEAD.

House's Amber, DEAD.

NCIS's Director Shepard, DEAD.

Aye Karumba.

I don't like it.


  1. I think it's great. After killing off all of the characters, there'll be nobody left to watch, so we can break any TV habit that we might have!

    You forgot that Abby Lockhart might be dead, as she was walking by the ambulance that blew up. And inside the ambulance was either Pratt or Sam, the nurse...and one of them is obviously dead.

    There'll all dead. Let's throw our TVs away!

    How're they going to top this next season? You can't get more dramatic than dead. It's the end. Kaputsky. Done like a duck.

  2. I know!!!!

    And, how pissed are you that half the cast of NCIS has been booted?!?? I mean, come on! At least we still have Abby and Ducky.

  3. YOU MISSED YOUR CHANCE, kids. I just checked back to see if any of you had commented on Sarah's "Splaaaargghg!" blog, and noticed that I have a typo. I wrote, "There'll all dead." Can you imagine that your mother wrote that?

    I meant, "They're all dead."

    So I did.

    And my word is "rspafl", which is another cool word.

    Sarah, Heather says you're a goof. She was driving home and noticed Tyler mowing the lawn. Out you came from the house, taking great long strides towards Tyler with your hand in the air, almost as if you were walking in slow motion. Tyler put up his hand, and you gave each other a high five, then on you went to do some yard work, I presume.

    We had a good laugh over your goofiness. But that's what makes you so special.

    The funny thing is, Tyler is just as goofy!! :)

    Love, Mom

  4. And, someone is dead on Criminal Minds!! There is not a finale I have watched without someone dying.

    I don't like it either.

  5. Bweeheehee. I have missed ALL of those shows except for CSI Miami, which I don't even normally WATCH, I was just sitting with Dad and he watches it for some very strange reason. Anyway, Horatio was shot. I will not say he is dead, because I would not dare get my hopes up.

  6. Howcum' none of the Desperate Housewives join the ranks of the non-living (except for the commentator)... I guess that means DH is going to be the only show worth watching (* sigh *).

  7. Wow, this very short post of mine generated a lot of responses. I am happy!

    I did notice your grammatical error, mommy dearest, I just didn't correct you for it because I was tired and on my way to bed and I didn't feel like taking the time to rub it in. Oh well. :)

    All the writers for all the TV shows came back after being on strike for so long, and all they could think of (all of them..) was "Let's kill someone off! Can't think of anything better to write... been taking too much time off to sit back and scratch our ever-widening rear ends." So that is why at least one person from every mainstream TV show is dead.

    I won't dare get my hopes up that Horatio is dead, either, because my hopes have been dashed before. I hoped that David would win on American Idol, but David won instead. Boo hoo.

  8. I'm not sure what day that was... Tyler and I give high fives a lot.... for pretty much any reason.

    "Supper's ready! High five!"

    "We're home! High five!"

    "We schmucked a rabbit with our tire! High five!"

    "You're gonna scrapbook, and I'm gonna play hockey. High five!"

    Yeah.... that's us.

  9. You also need a new post. I just came here from Adeena's blog where I officially demanded she put another post up. Now I'm going to do the same to you. Come on! Come on! You have to put up more posts so I can laugh at you. Ha!


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