Monday, May 26

I am not writing a new post because Linda told me to. I'm writing it because I wanted to, and it is only coincidence that Linda wrote a pressuring comment. So there.

I am very tired today, because at work I had a lot of sows farrowing (a lot being 44.... that's a big group of overheated, labouring, grouchy, bad-tempered 500 lb beasts to deal with all at once.) On top of that, we got home from work today to discover that our sweet doggy had diarrheaed all over herself and the floor of her crate. All I can say is, thank God that we crate-train our dogs. Phew.

Anyways, we took her (in her kennel...) outside and hosed her down through the slats, then let her out and hosed out her kennel. Ty finished bathing her and scrubbing her kennel clean while I did a deep clean of the living room. Can't have a room you spend a lot of time in reeking of wet dog poo, now can you?

So anyways, some odd hours later, I have scrubbed every inch (pretty darn near) of my living room, the floor is sparkling, the wainscotting is dust-free, and the cobwebs (and spiders!!!) are in the belly of my Shark. Shark, Vacuum, that is.

I vacuumed the kitchen floor, but I didn't wash it, because Mom stopped by on her way home from soccer, and my momentum went poosh. I am very tired now, and I am going to go to bed.



  1. I am sorry about your doggie and I hope she gets better soon. I am not sorry about interrupting your cleaning festivities, because it was a nice visit. So it was.

    Love ya!

  2. Ewww... diarrhea is the worst. It doesn't matter if it's kids or dogs. It's just gross.

    So, are you off the June 7th weekend? We're having a party for Michael, and decided to make it a camping weekend, since people will be here anyway. YAY for camping! :D

  3. I took her to the vet, and apparently she has an irritated colon, from a buildup of bad bacteria. I don't exactly know where she got all this bad bacteria, seeing as how I don't have bottles labled "bad bacteria" on shelves in my kitchen that I sprinkle on their food at night, but it possibly came from her outdoor kennel chew toys that she plays with. They are full of dirt, because they're... outdoors... and she probably got too much dirt and crap and yuck from them. So now they are in the garbage.

    Oh well. Otherwise she is beautiful, healthy, in perfect shape, and at the perfect weight. And of course she totally impressed everyone at the vet's clinic by how good and gentle and affectionate she is. She loved everybody up. :)

    *Proud mommy aura*

  4. Ha! It's untitled because you wrote it because I PRESSURED YOU! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!

    ...and that makes sense to someone. I have to find that person and give them a handshake.


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