Sunday, May 18

A fun day

Today I had a busy day, but it was worth it. Busy days usually are, unless they are those nasty busy days where you're rushing around like a chicken with it's head cut off and you're always two steps behind where you want to be, and by the end of the day you don't have anything done and you're exhausted and discouraged and you hate the world.

Thankfully, today was not one of those.

I got up pretty late this morning, because I haven't been getting much sleep lately (medical issues... you don't want to know, trust me) and I woke up at the comfortable time of 8:30 a.m. I puttered around for a while, brushed my teeth, etc... then I left my sleeping husband upstairs, and I went down to start dishes and clean up my kitchen. There wasn't very much mess, so it didn't take me very long, and by the time Tyler came down at 9:30 I was done.

We had a quick, easy breakfast of cereal together, then I figured I should get started on baking something for the potluck my family was having at my mom's house today.

I made chocolate chip cookies (the best cookies... seriously), cut up a pineapple, and made beef vegetable soup to take. That took a while, right up until it was time to have a shower, get ready, and go.

I always have fun visiting my family, whether it's just one of my sisters or the whole bunch together, but today was super fun because it's been a while since we've all gathered together. We didn't have an Easter gathering because so many of us were sick, and we've all acted a bit like hermits, Tyler and I included.

The only one missing was Rachel. We missed you, Rachel... Although we had your son, so a piece of you was there.

I showed everyone my scrapbook, and I looked at mom's. We talked, laughed, joked, and had serious discussions together, all accompanied by tea, food, and later, wine.

I got to play with my nephews and nieces, and take pictures of them, which I always enjoy.

All in all, it was a great day, and I'm glad it happened.

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  1. You didn't post any pictures, Sarah-Say!

    Where are the pictures????

    It was a great day! I am sorry that Rachel and Mike and the young ones couldn't come, because the family was incomplete without them. But I was really missing having the whole gang over, so I'm glad we did it!

    Love, Mom


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