Tuesday, May 27

My dog is beautiful

I know I post a lot about my dog, I do.... But she's so darn pretty!!

We were laying around, enjoying the sunshine, and of course I just 'happened' to have my camera with me... I am becoming a picture junkie. When will the madness end? Probably never. Especially if I get the yummilicious camera of my dreams that I keep seeing enticing commercials for on TV. Stop tempting me, Kodak!

Brady liked the snow, but she likes Spring just as much now. She can pee wherever she wants!

Lucy is also pretty.

Someday I'll have kids to post pictures of, so you won't have to gag over my love for my
I promise.

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  1. Awww... Brady looks so shiney.

    And Lucy looks like a lady. Nice.


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