Saturday, April 12


I started my scrapbook today. I'm so excited! I have been planning on doing it for so long, I just didn't have my pictures developed.

I blame Uncle Gary. He put this cool new program on my computer, Photoshop Elements, and with it I could do so many neat things that I just couldn't get my wedding pictures developed as they were! I cropped pictures, erased power lines, took away zits and hornets, chopped heads off and put new heads on, and a bunch of other cool stuff!

Bad, bad Uncle Gary. But thank you!

Anyways, I finally got my pictures, and today when I got home from getting my hair done (whee!) I started my scrapbook.

I finished my first page, which only took me four hours. Ish.

But it was so much fun! And now I'm hooked. I was using all my cool toys and tools that I got for scrapbooking for Christmas (thank you Tyler!) and man was it fun.

I'll probably work on it a little bit tomorrow before I go away, too.


  1. Okay, so where's your first page? You HAVE a digital, you know. Take a picture of your first scrapbooking page ever, and post it on your blog for all of us to see it!!! C'mon!

    And don't forget to let our dogs out on your way by this morning.

    Love you.

  2. Yeah!! We need to see the proof. Show us your page. :P

    Have I ever sent you the pics of your wedding that I have? Not that you need any more, but they might be different. ;)

  3. I need copies, remember.

    I'm not going to forget. I want COPIES. Of the GOOD ones. The ones you modified. RRR! <- that's me being threatening. Did it work?

    Well, how 'bout this:


  4. I tried to take a good picture, but it kept on reflecting funny. Must... learn... to.... tilt!

    I'd rather show you guys in person! More fun that way.

    Hey! You (adeena) have wedding pictures?!? Spluh! Of course I didn't know! Send me send me send me them!

    yeah.... Linda... I'm going to give you all the un-altered ones. With all the zits, hornets, red bumps and bruises and eyes-closed heads not replaced with smiling heads. For sure.


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