Tuesday, April 29

I think that Tyler and I have caught that nasty flu that has been making the rounds in our family. Tyler suddenly felt wretched yesterday, he was shaking and had cold chills, and he had to leave work and go sleep in the employee changeroom because his head was aching so bad. I know it's bad for your liver, but Ibuprofen is wonderful for when you feel reaallly sick.

He's better today, because I dosed him with vitamins and put hydrogen peroxide in his ears to kill germs, and made him a healthy supper of chicken & garlic soup from scratch. (It was really yummy, by the way! It didn't have any onions. Ha.)

I'm feeling better than he is, but I'm still not 100%. I've fought off the yucky feeling with lots of lemon tea and vitamin c, plus good old fashioned rest and relaxation, but now I have a new problem. I want to get stuff done!

Sickness has a way of throwing a wrench into all your carefully laid plans. You have all your tasks laid out for the day, and you feel quite happy to have a list that you can check off. You're in control of your tiny little universe, and to you at the time, it's all good!

Too bad we aren't actually in control, and our lists mean squat in the face of God's plans.

The good news is, God is a master planner. Whatever you thought would be the perfect way of doing things, God has one better. Even when it seems that everything is going down the toilet, you can trust God that He will deliver on His promise that all things work for good for those who fear Him.

So I may not have finished everything on my list today, but I did get to minister to my husband (in sickness and in health, right?), which just helps him know a little bit better how much I love him. Even though I don't like it that he's sick, I'm glad something good came of it.

Now, to boil the kettle again. Lemon tea with honey is very soothing for sore throats.

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  1. You're right, Sarah...the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord. He has granted you a blessed opportunity to minister to your beloved. It's all good.

    I do hope both of you feel better today.

    Love, Mom


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