Monday, April 7

Love is.... not complaining when your husband watches 4 hours of TSN.

It's playoff time! Whoooooooooo!

I'm learning how to be excited about hockey, basically because I'm gleaning information from the conversations my husband, my brother-in-law, and Owen the Breeder-Barn guy have during break at work. That, and I don't mind watching Sportscentre with Ty. It is actually interesting! Especially when you start to recognize names and numbers of players.

"Hey! I know that guy! He scored a wicked goal against the St Louis Blues last September! He should ask for a trade because you know that the Bluejackets are a dead-end team, they're not going anywhere!"

That's right. I speak hockey.

For a girl that grew up in a house where the only hockey we ever watched was the occasional Stanley Cup playoff game (usually featuring the ever-toiling, ever-failing Leafs) and besides that, zilch, I do pretty good keeping up to my hockey-crazy relatives.

I heard a rumour that Roberto Luongo (only one of the two best goalies in the entire WORLD) has asked for a trade from his do-nothing team, and one of the teams that he mentioned he would like to be traded to is the Ottawa Senators. I would LOVE that. Ottawa is my favourite team, and Vancouver is Mike's. Don't think for a second that I wouldn't rub it in for the rest of his life.

"We got Luooongo and Youuuu Dooon't!"

That would be truly sweet.

I'm quite happy that I'm able to enjoy something that I would be forced to watch anyways. If I'm going to watch something for months on end, I may as well get pumped up about it!



  1. Have to say... glad we're not a hockey house. :P I like watching it in real-life, but not so much on tv.

    But, we are, in fact, a baseball house. :) Luckily they have the games on am920, so Justin can get his fix. :D It's hilarious to watch him!! You should've seen him the other day when Frank Thomas hit a Grand Slam!! :D

    And thanks for the card, btw. Made me sniffle in a good way. :)

  2. Here's my position:

    I am Canadian.

    Canadians love and support hockey.

    Therefore, I love and support hockey, while not ACTUALLY caring about it in the slightest.



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