Saturday, April 19

It's a beautiful day!

Brady and I had cabin fever today. We needed to get outside, and take in the sun!

I'm boundary training Brady, which means a lot of walking around and around and around our one and a half acres. Repetitive, yes! Boring, no! At least not for Brady.

"What's that! Oooh, a stick!"

"What's that! Oh, oh, a little piece of rock!"

"HEY COOL! A bug!" gulp

No, Brady!

I don't let her eat weird things, usually, but the bug disappeared rather quickly. Apparently they are crunchy and full of yummy goodness. I wouldn't know... I don't eat bugs.

She's so cute! And very smart. She's already learning how to heel, and when I start running she knows to run right beside me, not too far ahead or CHOKE!

Leashes are wonderful.

Anyways, the exercise, warm sun, and of course the antihistamines I've been taking (I'll tell you about that some other time) all worked together to make me very sleepy by 3:00. I was going to go to Goderich today, but instead I'm staying home with my hubby (who is watching more playoff hockey), and I'll work on my scrapbooking.

I love these lazy Spring days.

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