Tuesday, July 13

Touch-up Tuesday!

I didn't do Touch-up Tuesday last week, although it would have been easy to because all I did ALL day was edit and touch-up pictures to get developed.  I was just fed up with sitting at the computer, I think.

But this week! This week I am ready to play! :)


ISO 200

It was a really bright day, and I was taking pictures of the kids at Adeena's who were over 10 feet away from me. Then I saw Justin, who was only 4 feet away, holding Ducky, so I turned quickly to snap a pic, and it came out waaaay too dark.

In Photoshop Elements, I 

sharpened the image
upped the brightness to +25 and the contrast to +4
ran the "reduce noise" filter
reduced the colour saturation to -22

And, voila! 

This one didn't need very much done to it, really just a bit of brightness.

I love how good Justin is with babies... he's a really good big brother, big cousin, and just an all around great kid! :)

Go play along at Karli's!


  1. Oh, I just love big brothers ( or cousins) with the little ones...sweetest thing ever! We just got back from vacation, and the same thing. Bigger cousins taking care of the littles! :-) Your picture is fantastic, and I have to say the same thing as I said to Adeena~ I love how you brightened them, but they're still skin color - great job!! Sweet photo. ;-)

  2. Great save! They're both still the right colour. :D You can even see how red Justin's face is in the heat!

    He *is* so good with babies. And growing up so fast. *sniff*

  3. Oh, hee hee! Just got your comment about the black eyed Susan. I'm not sure....I just yanked it out of a berm in the front of our yard. :-) My husband about had a heart attack that I was pulling up flowers. Should that worry me? Hmmmm....
    ;-) Happy Friday to ya!


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