Tuesday, July 6

Beach Day!

After fireworks Wednesday night, and a campfire well into Thursday morning (I think we went to bed at 4:00 am... I'm not sure, I wasn't wearing a watch. And I don't have a cell phone. Or an ipad.) and a full day of lazing about in the Sun on Thursday (sunburns are ouchie.. although, actually, mine wasn't really that bad. It looked worse than it felt.), we went to the beach Friday afternoon.

Tyler drove up to spend part of the day with everyone, and so he could finally take us home with him. He missed us. :)

We went to Wal-Mart to get a few things, and then to the beach!

Ducky enjoyed the swings! :)

Ty needs a haircut. Badly. 


Then, Daddy played with Ducky on the beach.

This picture makes my heart melt!

Then, D-man played in the sand with Justin! The scary thing is, I remember Justin when he was Ducky's size. And it doesn't seem like that long ago. :/

Baby Banana loves her Daddy. :)

And Joanna loves her new baby.

Isn't she precious? I love chubby baby arms, with all that beautiful soft loose skin that needs to be pudgy! The only thing better is chubby baby legs... or chubby baby hands, or chubby baby face.... ah, it's all awesome. So awesome.

 This picture makes my heart melt, too. Ava loves her Mommy. And her Mommy loves her.

Well, it was a fun time at the beach, and then we went back to Deena's for supper and a game of soccer. I didn't play soccer, because I had a D-man who was grumpy and wanted to be held, but I did walk around the edge of the soccer field singing "La la la la la" with a few of the kids. :)

I'm looking forward to this weekend, because Ty will be coming camping with us, too! Hurray!

Creekside Family, thank you for your hospitality!


  1. That pic of Tyler and Ducky is so awesome!!

    Love the pics of Hannah and Jeff, too.

    Yay for camping! :D

  2. Those Creekside peeps are awesome. I love your pictures, especially Hannah holding on to her daddy's face.

    Are you going to cut your hubby's hair or what?

  3. Beautiful Daddy-love and Mommy-love pics. Well done!


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