Monday, January 25

“Texture” Photo Challenge!

For this week's photo challenge over at I Heart Faces, my mind just kept going back to this picture. This is my son, Deklan, when he was 4 weeks old. It was one of the first times we went outside together, and I brought his blanket that his Grandma knitted for him and laid him on it in the grass. It was such a beautiful sunny day, and he was wide awake and curious about my camera!

When I look at this picture, it makes me happy... So that's why I chose to enter it.

There's nothing like the soft texture of a comfy knitted blanket.

Go play along at I Heart Faces!


  1. Love how the texture of the blanket surrounds his face! Beautiful!

  2. Awww! He's grown up so much!

    It's too cute.

  3. I love the natural texture! :-) what a soft, pretty blanket!

  4. Makes me happy, too! Love them when they're that age!!!

  5. Hey! Look at you over here! Your blog looks great! Sorry I haven't been around in a while-- I'm finally getting back to the blog world :) Your baby boy is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't believe how big he is already!

  6. Thanks for coming by my site and commenting. I know what you mean about the feel of a knitted blanket and I can feel that from looking at your picture. And then to have a baby wrapped up in the blanket! What can be better!!! Thanks and hope to share with you again.

  7. His eyes are beautiful! Love the blanket.

    Thank you for your comment =) Have a great day!


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