Tuesday, January 19

5 months old!

My baby boy had his 5 month birthday 3 days ago. Why did I not take pictures and post then? Because I was attending a surprise birthday party for Ty's brother on Saturday! So the picture taking fun was postponed.

Today was a good day for pictures! My little buddy was full of giggles and ready to smile!

I think the last one is my favourite! I just love his eyes. They are so amazing!

He's almost half a year old already!! That is crazy. It seems like it was just yesterday he was 7 lbs, now he's 17 lbs! Chunky monkey.

He's getting really good at rolling over from his stomach to his back, he hasn't tried back to stomach yet, but it'll come I'm sure. He's got ridiculously strong legs, he loves his exersaucer that Grandma gave him for Christmas! He starts kicking and air jumping before I even get him in it, it's really hard to get his little legs down where they should be!

I'm taking bets as to when he'll start walking, personally I think he'll be walking by 9 months, he just seems to eager to take off and go!

We are so proud of our baby boy, he's added so much joy and love to our lives!

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  1. Happy 5 months to my favourite red-haired nephew! :D

    I love the last one in colour... it's the eyes, man.


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