Saturday, January 9

A story.

Once upon a time (perhaps it was yesterday, perhaps it was last week... who knows?) there was a little baby boy who was unhappy. He wasn't unhappy all the time, just at that particular moment.

And in that moment, he knew exactly what he wanted... what would make him happy. So he called out, beseechingly.

The one who was holding him tried to placate him for a while, but no cheese. He refused to gnaw upon the metaphorical pacifier.

So, he was borne with much ceremony to the one who he wanted, and made a rather glorious and not at all awkward landing right upon her lap.

And everything was as it should be.

The End.


  1. Awww!! Isn't that the best face? :D

    I see it every now and again. Such a "finally!" little look. ;)


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