Thursday, September 24



Is awesome.

Especially when you've been without it for a while.

I had a terrible night Tuesday... one of those nights that you lay in bed awake for no discernible reason. I'm normally asleep by 11:00 p.m, I saw 11... and 12... and 13... I mean, 1:00. And 2:00. And 4:00. And 7:00. And 8:00.

Was it because Deklan was screaming? No.... he was a perfect baby, he only woke up at 2:00 and 7:00 to nurse. Was it because I had lots on my mind? No.... it was totally blank, except for the occasional "Why am I not I sleeping?"

It was frustrating, to say the least.

Wednesday morning was my last midwife appointment, and because I was so ridiculous tired, I was afraid to drive myself. They say that when you're sleep deprived, you may as well be drunk behind the wheel. So, my sister Linda came with me to be my chauffeur.

She helped me do my grocery shopping after my appointment, and I went to have a visit at Mom's for a while. I started to perk up around 4:00, though I still felt like my brain was half disengaged.

When I got home, at 4:30, I nursed the baby and gave him to Tyler so I could go have a nap. I stumbled my way up the stairs, and sank in to bed. And couldn't fall asleep.

Me: Seriously? Seriously???

So I came back downstairs, and checked my email. I wasn't going to lay in bed awake again.

I was really worried when we all went to bed that evening. I've been fighting a cold, and I didn't want to get sick again because I couldn't sleep, of all things.

But, not to worry. I think I was out as soon as Deklan was. My good baby only woke me up twice between midnight and 7:00, too. I also got a bonus hour after he was done nursing at 7:00.

So, I'm feeling much better! Sleep is wonderful, man.


  1. I agree so strongly it hurts my toes.

    Oh wait, that's because I'm sitting on my foot.

    But still, I agree.

  2. That's so annoying!!

    But, at least your baby is beautiful. :) That helps, I'm sure.

  3. Sleep is awesome. Lovin' the regular posts, by the way. You ROCK!!


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