Tuesday, September 15

It's Elena's Birthday!

Elena is the the girl with the funky glasses in the above picture.

She's my little sister who shared a room with Linda and I when she was a ickle baby.
She's the one that would be standing, diaper-less, in her crib in the morning, with poop plastered everywhere - her face, the wall, the bars of her crib.... blech. She would be grinning like mad, and hold her hands up to be picked up. Uh, nuh.... We would carry her outside by her foot and spray her off with the hose.

Just kidding on that last part. The rest was pure fact.

Poop painting and all, she was so loved, and is so loved still.
Although, I'm very glad she outgrew that particular aspect of her creativity.

Happy Golden Birthday, Elena, hope it's a good one!


  1. Love the picture of Elena and her crazy friend.

  2. Happy Birthday, Elena! Wooooohoooot!

    Awesome picture, guys.

  3. Oh, and yes, the poop-plastering is all true.

    It was a wonder her hair stayed so blond. I was so sure it would be dyed by all that excrement.

    wv: jonitare. French clean-up guy.

  4. out of ALL of the pictures of me THIS is the one to get posted on the internet?!?!?!?

    *sigh.* happy birthday elena.

  5. now please this picture. like, immediately.


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