Friday, September 25

A first!

First smirk caught on camera!

He's saying, "What up, my peeps?"

I haven't been able to capture his completely smiling face on camera yet, but I'll be patient.
It'll happen soon enough. He was mostly cranky throughout our mini photo shoot yesterday, but at one point he cheered up enough that he actually wanted to smile at Mommy! Then, it was right back to Mr Grumpus.

I loooove Mr Grumpus. He's so cute when he cries.


  1. That is ADORABLE!!! :D

    Love the wave.

    Wassup, Ducky? ;)

  2. Hmm...I think he's saying "come a little closer and I'll SMACK YOUR SASSY FACE!"

    :) But he's so cute!

  3. He is awesome. And it's the cool, sideways wave too. He is just too cool.


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