Sunday, August 24

A weird guy gets married on my birthday.

My friend from ages and ages ago got married yesterday. Coincidentally, it was also my birthday. Happy birthday to me! I'm 22 now.

Daniel and I always had a wacky friendship. He was quirky, weird, with a passion for the zany and insane. I could appreciate that type of humour, and actually dish it out as well.

We were best buds for something like 5 years.

Then, he moved away. :(

WAAAAY up North.

We kept in touch by email, but he went off to school in Toronto, and eventually, both of us got too busy to write those lengthy letters.

Daniel first told me about Rachel in a email. He said he met this girl at school, and he was friends with her. I of course told him that he should ask her out, because OBVIOUSLY she liked him (she did throw something at him, after all) and besides, she was cute!

Months later, he told me he was dating her, and when Tyler and I got engaged, I sent the invitation to Daniel G and guest, because I knew SOMEBODY would be coming with him.

They came to our wedding, and she was so adorable! I can't remember exactly what I said to him, but at my wedding I had a dance with Danny and I told him some "big sister type" advice.

A little while after my wedding, I got the news they were engaged.


This is my weird friend, Danny, at his wedding reception.

He could only stop briefly to chat, but I managed to snag this awesome pic.

Danny and his beautiful bride, who wore her mother's wedding dress.

It was very special, and her dad cried during his speech, thanking her for letting him see his wife's dress again.

It was a lovely wedding. I'll always remember their anniversary, too!
"Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, and happy anniversary to Daniel and Raaacheeellll, Happy birthday to me!"

God Bless you guys!


  1. Yay!

    Happy Birthday yesterday, Sarah! You're old, but not old enough! :D

    And nice new blog, too! Zounds, it's so bright!

  2. Good pictures. I knew I could count on you for a couple of pics!

    I hope that the day was very special, and that your dear hubby took you out for dinner or did something near and dear to your heart to make you remember that you are now 22!

    Love and hugs.


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