Wednesday, August 20

A butterfly fluttered by

A flutterby buttered fly. I mean, a butterflew flutter byed. A butterflee bluttered fly?


His wing was a little torn... you can see, the bottom of his right wing.

He was so pretty!

Aren't the littlest creatures on this earth some of the most amazing? Look at the colours! Wow!

He flew away, albeit a little wobbly. I hope he will be okay, but the tear is a serious one. Poor little butterfly.

I'm glad he came to visit me.


  1. Cool pictures!!! I got a few of a monarch the other day, but he wouldn't let me get close - definitely not close enough to touch.

    And, may I say LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog! The header is awesome. And so is the pink. :)

  2. It was early in the morning, and he was very cold. He wasn't even flapping his wings at first. I moved him into the sunshine, and then he got a wee bit warmer, so he started to be afraid of me and not let me get near him anymore.

    BUT, it was cool to hold a butterfly.

    Thanks! :D :D I love my new blog too. The header took me a while to figure out, but I got it. :)

    I like pink!


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