Monday, August 11

New Baby(ies)!!

Tyler is a very careful driver. He won't even take his eyes off the road to smile into the camera held by his wife.

Serious, serious. /:-[
That is a serious face.

I, however, am very super happy! Yay, me!
I rock so much.

You may ask "Sarah, why are you so gorgeous? But seriously, where were you driving, and why?"

Well, I will tell you.
My brother Matt and his beautiful wife Joanna welcomed their newest little one into the world on Friday! YAAAAY! His name is Levi, and he is just TOO cute. There should be a law, I tell you.
So, anyways, Tyler and I went over to their house on Saturday, and we didn't come alone... that's right... we brought our good friend, Pizza Pizza pizza. MMMMMMMM.
So yes, all that is just to say.... all you people with your little baby toys and baby clothes as gifts and whatever, you guys... suck. HA! We totally rule, we brought PIZZA! :P
Pizza trumps stackable blocks any day.
This is me, holding Levi (a honking 9 lbs, he is! Whoa!)

And Tyler, who has this inate inability to smile nicely when I want him too. Grrr.

Oh well.

Welcome, Levi! Auntie Sarah & Uncle Tyler love you!!

Oh, by the way, my cousin David's wife Kate just gave birth to their son Charlie, a day after Levi was born! Hurray for babies! I don't have a picture, but my mom does on her blog. So go there. He is definitely cute enough to warrant making the click.

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  1. Isn't he adorable? :D

    The last time I checked your blog, there was only Becky's post. Now this one is here. Weird. But, good pics!

    And, Pizza Pizza pizza does rock.

    I have to type czmcpwdh!!! Why so long?!


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