Friday, January 27

Reid is 2 months old!

And he's as cute as a button! (or cuter...)

Seriously, his smile? Melts me.

Sadly he hasn't been feeling the best, he has a cold (nobody likes colds) so I am typing this with one hand while I soothe him with the other. It isn't going well (the soothing) hence the abrupt end! Ciao!


  1. How is he two months old already??


    I want to see that smile in person. Go away cold!!

  2. The boo is for the cold. Just FYI.

    Every time I see that picture of Reid grinning, I come to life a little from the cuteness. It's like dying a little from the cuteness, but more alive.

  3. I am so sorry that little big boy has a cold. But I'm darned glad his big little mommy is cuddling him. Can't wait till Monday!

  4. Like seriously, how did two months go by already? Babies with colds are the worst, they are miserable and want you to fix it but you can't and they don't understand why.

  5. I melted. Big gooey mushy puddle.


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