Wednesday, January 4

Christmas is over! But it's still on my mind...

It's 2012! Wow. I remember when it was 1999 and everyone was like "Augh Y2K we're all gonna dieeeee!!!" and now it's "Augh it's 2012 we're all going to die because of the Mayaaaansss!!!"

Well, we're now 12 years ahead of where all the Y2K aughers said we were going to be.... and I'm not going to worry too much about the end of the world this year, either. I have other things to worry about. My God holds the whole world in His hands, so why would I worry about it's end? It'll end when it ends. No point in wringing my hands over it.

That was a completely random thought bubble, by the way... I actually set out to write a completely different thought. Which I'll begin now.

Christmas is, for me, a time to celebrate and gather with family and friends, a time to be together and enjoy the gift of life. Christmas reminds me of the gift God gave us, His son Jesus.

Some people think of Jesus as the perpetual infant, "Sweet baby Jesus!", but He did eventually grow up. However, He WAS a teeny tiny baby at one point! The Bible doesn't tell us how many pounds and ounces Jesus was, but I can imagine as he was Mary's firstborn he wasn't especially big. Maybe around 6 or 7 pounds... just a little wee tiny boy with teeny tiny hands and teeny tiny footies, wrinkly soft skin and a tiny little face...

I've spent more time these past few weeks thinking about Baby Jesus instead of the grown-up Jesus, mostly because my own little boy was born just a month and a bit before Christmas. I've imagined what it was like for Mary. The Bible doesn't say very much about Mary's experience, but it does say something...

Luke 2:19 But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.

Mary lived a long time ago. She didn't have anything that I am so accustomed to in order to remember the special moments, the milestones of her baby's life. 

Reid smiled at me for the first time one day before he turned 3 weeks old. I wrote that down in a notebook, I believe I posted it on facebook (it's hard to remember) and now I'm writing it here. Years and years down the road, when my memory is even more dodgy than it is now, I can look at my notebook or search through the archives of Hobbley Hilltop and voila, I will see how old my baby boy was when he first smiled.  I don't know if Mary was even able to write anything down on a piece of paper, I imagine paper was expensive and rare back then. She had no other option than to store up her special memories, like treasures in her mind, and to ponder them in her heart as she watched her baby grow.

I'm so lucky, so so lucky to be able to take pictures of my boys, and blog about them, and to have scrapbooking and journaling, everything that I have that I can look back on when I am old. 

But, I am taking a lesson from Mary. I could blog more, yes, and I'm sure that most of you would like it if I did... but, given a choice between holding my baby and blogging about holding my baby, holding my baby is  going to win every time. Hands down. I'm going to look into his eyes, his sweet little trusting face, and I'm going to treasure these memories and store them up in my heart. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and hope your New Year is a good one. Until the world ends. Bwaha.


  1. You could blog *while* you hold him, you know. :P ;)

    I try to remember to write down all the awesome stuff that I want to remember... but I don't always remember. ;) Someday, in heaven, when we can watch my brain movies, it'll be awesome.

    Especially when I can finally show you the Daniel=coffee incident. XD

    And lately, every time Hannah sees a baby she says "Awww! Baby Weid tute!" :D

    And... because I just remembered... the other day she was going through boys and girls... you know, "I a girl, Beckty a girl, Mommy a girl, Justin a boy", etc.

    I said "What is Deklan?"


    I said "What is Reid?"

    "Weid so TUTE!!"


    And he is.

    (Do I win for insanely long blog comment? I should. There definitely should be a prize.)

  2. I treasure moments in my heart, too. Pictures help to remind me of incidents that happened when my kids were little, but I am thankful for treasured memories that were not recorded, except for in the corners of my mind.

    Adeena, your comment made me smile, but Hannah's comment wins: "Weid so TUTE!"

  3. Yep, the real thing wins everytime. Good thoughts.


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