Tuesday, September 28

I Heart Faces "Chalk"

I had lots of good ideas for this week's photo challenge, but it rained all weekend! So no chance for me and my buddy to get outside with some chalk. Instead, I have this picture I took in May, when some of my nephews and nieces stayed for the weekend at our house, and I needed something for them to play with! Sidewalk chalk it was. 

Little D had just as much fun as the big kids. Maybe more.... I'm really glad that chalk is non-toxic, though, because he liked to taste-test it as he scribbled on the pavement! :)

Go to I heart Faces to see more chalky photos, or better yet, to play along.


  1. It's still a cute picture. Besides, I had nothing to contribute!

  2. So cute. All that chalk around his little mouth. Very nice.

  3. He has grown up SO MUCH since May!!

    Too bad you couldn't use the 'toes' chalk pic. ;)

  4. Rain rain go away. I didn't like it one bit. :(

    He has grown, holy simolians!!


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