Wednesday, September 29

13 month pictures!

They're a little late, I know.
Life has been busy lately...  not always good busy. 

It's also been really rainy for the past two weeks, and every sunny day was full of stuff to do, with no time to get outside with D-man. Until today! :)

So, even though it's not September 16th, pretend it is for a second... it'll make me feel a little better. ;)

Happy September 16th! *wink, wink*


  1. I think the first one and the last one are my favourites!!

    He's growing up so fast. And his hair is so long and blonde. :D

    You know what I just realized?? Hannah was 14 months yesterday. O.o

  2. I love the wild man one - Number 6! I love everything about that picture. His frowny face, the stick, his teeth, his fly-away hair. It's a great picture of Wild Ducky. The eyes!! Just love it!!!

  3. 13 months already???!!! No way! Oh boy, what a cutie he is. Great shots - what a little man, huh? :-)

    And just so you know, my head swelled to the size of a hot air balloon seeing my button there on your blog. Right by Adeena's! Awwww!!!! :-)

    Great to hear from you, and I love the new look of your blog. Or maybe it's not new, but new to me. I'm soooo behind on blog visiting. Have a great rest of the week! XO


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