Tuesday, January 13

It's 1995 all over again

Perhaps you are a fortunate person, who although oblivious as a baby, grew up to realize that you have a most unique name. You were the only -insert name here- in your neighbourhood.

I am not one of those. Although I love my name, and wouldn't change it to anything else (except for Kathleen... I really, really love the name Kathleen) it was and continues to be VERY popular. When I was little, I was in a big homeschooling group, and there were three other girls named Sarah in my age group. It got frustrating sometimes to be in a crowd, and hear someone calling "SARAH, SARAH!" only to look around and see that someone was not calling for you. It can give you a complex.

Well, I'm reliving some of those memories now. At work, a new girl was hired (to replace Mr Whiny) and her name is Sarah.

Dear old Bob thought it was a real hoot. He calls me Sarah 1, and the other girl is Sarah 2. I don't think he'll ever let it go, either.

The problem is, she's really good, so I don't want her to quit or be fired. But I really, really hate it that she has my name. It's MY name, darnit! It is giving me a complex. Every time Wayne says "Sarah, can you go do this" I think it's me, and where before it was always me, now it's sometimes that other Sarah! Bah.

If only I were lucky, and had a name like Adeena.


  1. Yay! for replacing Mr. Whiny.

    Boo! for replacing said whiny with another Sarah.

    At least your name is easily recognizable. While I have never heard my name in a crowd, or anywhere, really, it does kind of suck to always have to spell it. And to get mail spelled wrong all. the. time. And have to hear 'That's such an unusual name! Where did your parents come up with that one?' etc. etc.

    But, even with all that, I wouldn't change my name, either. ;)

    wv: comedism. Seriously. :D Sounds funny. ;)

  2. That's all right - Sarah, Try having a name that can be shortened to Dick, and being quite tall in high school (over 6 feet) having a gym teacher who, in front of the the other guys (you know the toms, harrys, bills and pauls), would call said Richard "the big dick" much to the amusement of said thb and p's.

  3. Well, Anonymous, I'd say it's a whole lot better to be known as "the big dick" than the "little dick." So, aren't you glad you're tall?

    I, personally, LOVE the name Adeena...and I LOVE the name Sarah. And when I named you, Sarah, there weren't a lot of Sarahs around. They all heard it and thought, "Oh, that's a good name." That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    wv: stsly (sort of sly, I guess).

  4. I completely understand. I think Sarah is almost as popular as Jennifer. (Why do you think I named my daughter Shiloh? I was hoping for something original and then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had to use that name. Oh well, I tried.)

    And I like the name Sarah. But I don't like Jennifer. I would change it if it wouldn't cause so much confussion.

    My brother is dating a Jennifer right now and my cousin married a Jennifer.

  5. LOL

    I just had to comment because my wv is "inten" and it made me think of this:

    Five in ten girls are named Sarah!


    I know, dorkage galore. *rolling eyes*


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