Tuesday, January 27

Happy, happy Birthday!

In honour of Daniel's birthday, I've prepared a short quiz for all of you.

It's pretty easy to do, just scroll down and compare the two pictures, then tell me which photo is the least horrific and will haunt you in your nightmares the least.

DIS one??



I leave it up to you. You're the judge, jury, and if you want to be, the executioner.

It may be better for us all if one of you does step up and puts on that black hood. The axe is in the corner, all sharpened and ready to go.

Happy Birthday, Daniel!


  1. LoL! Why did you take the picture of that Baboons rear end?

    (don't you dare ask: "which picture are you talking about?")

  2. Fine. Which photo are you referring to? :P

    HAHAHAA!! Oh, I laugh.

    I took that picture because... it's a red butt! I mean, c'mon! How many red butts do you think there are in the animal kingdom? Not too many.


    Seriously Daniel. How does your itty bitty neck hold up your head?? I mean, really! :D

    Love the baboon. That's awesome. :D

    wv: exturph It usta be my turph, but now it's my exturph.

  4. Wow both are? I mean that the one is well very red bumish and the other is sort of disturbing. but I think we all know witch is the favourite.

  5. That is the shizzle. Did you take that picture of Dan? Kinda looks self potraity. Dan: A little less gum.....tighten those lips!

  6. HA! Oh, you guys, you have no idea. After I wrote this blog I seriously was giggling about it all night last night, and all day today. Sorta like a Peter Griffin "hehehehhehehehhehehe"

    It was hilarious!

    @Heather: I took the picture, and I have ones similar to that of Linda, Elena, Pat, and Tiana. They all wanted me to take really, really, really horrible pictures of them. So I obliged them.

  7. Hmmm. You want to know how many crazy/scary/ugly pictures of me there are "out there"?

    A lot.


    And yes, those are pretty hilarious.

    Shisted. Anyone have any idea what that is?


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