Wednesday, January 5

16 months!

That's how long my baby has been living outside of my uterus.

Did I just make you squirm with the word uterus? It makes my Father-in-law squirm. 

I said it casually one day when I was pregnant with Ducky, because I was having a braxton-hick contraction and was in a bit of pain, and he asked me what was wrong. I said "My uterus is practicing for contractions, it's pretty painful..." and his face went green, then white, then green again, and he walked away.

He should never have revealed his weakness to me.... because now I take every opportunity to creep him out.

"Sarah, do you want a tea?" My father-in-law asks.

"Uterus, I mean... sure." *evil smile*

Father-in-law then commences shuddering, followed by a gargantuan eyeroll, and a curse upon all blond daughters-in-laws. At which point I remind him that I'm his only blond daughter-in-law, and he should be more subtle.

Anyway, it seems like it's been a year since I've blogged last! Has it been? 

Well, it's been since last year.

It was only yesterday that I realized, with a jolt of horror coursing down my spine, that I had failed to take Ducky's 16 month pictures in December.  I was shocked and appalled, yes I was... well, not really. Life happens, and sometimes even the most organized and meticulous of us let some of the details slide once in a while. I say "Meh!" and roll with the punches.

However! Once I realized my mistake, I took action! Today was a beautiful sunny day, so D-man and I spent an hour outside, playing in the snow. I brought my camera with me, and got some pictures taken! :)

(He looks SO MUCH like his big cousin Rowan in this picture... I swear, their smiles are identical!)

Isn't he gorgeous? Of course he is.

He's weaned now, which was about as fun as getting my breasts trampled by wildebeests... 

I'm just glad it's over. 

He's eating real people food way better now, and I think he's even gained more weight! I should weigh him and see. I'll do that tomorrow.

For now, I should leave this alone, before I mention more of my body parts. 

Happy 2011! :)


  1. I like the word uterus about as much as I like when people refer to the "expulsion of the placenta". Yum.

  2. LOVE the pic you chose as your header!! :D And the fourth one down.. it's a great crop. :)

    Uterus. XD

    You know, I weighed Hannah today just for fun... and she's a whopping 19.6 pounds. O.o And, the scale wouldn't even register she was there until I leaned on it to get it to start.

  3. Making Fathers-in-law squirm is one of the joys of marriage I think.

    He. Is. Beautiful, and I want to lick him. XD

    I weighed Wesley today and he's 24.8 lbs, naked. I was surprised actually because Heidi at the same age (although shorter) was only 19 lbs.

  4. Uterus? Breasts?

    And then the comments:



    I tell you, your blog should be x-rated.

    If it weren't for the beautiful pictures of my grandson, I would run away from your nasty blog.

    Just kidding...

    I love the way you write. Makes me laugh out loud.

    And I think it's great that you can get your father-in-law to squirm. :D

    wv: misupeci

    LOL Makes me laugh.


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