Thursday, May 6


It's a challenge going outside to play in the grass with my baby boy.

Every few seconds, I have to stop him from eating the grass.

That oh so luscious, green, tasty-looking grass.

I can remember eating grass as a child. Why? I don't know.

I guess it's just what babies do.

But it still makes me squeamish, and I can't let him do it.

He doesn't seem to care, I clean out what he's holding and immediately he reaches down for another handful.

When do they grow out of the "everything in mouth" thing? Because this morning, he was chewing on a burr he pulled off of the dog. I was retching as I scooped it out of his mouth and threw it in the trash. Seriously.

I'm loving this crawling, exploring stage, but not loving the "taste everything small enough to fit in my mouth" stage. Ugh.


  1. He is just trying to get enough green's in his diet so he will say healthy! ;)

  2. He'll live. I think my boys ate a pound of dirt before they were one.

    I think it slows down once they are walking... it's just because now, they're so close to it.

  3. At least it's grass... and not dead flies. O.o

    Nothing grosser than a baby with fly legs hanging out of their mouth.

    Just keep saying "Strong immune system, strong immune system..." :D

  4. Invite his uncle Dan over and they can graze together. Just think of the $ saved on mowing ;)


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