Monday, May 31


That was a busy weekend!

Friday was my big sister's 30th Birthday party, and I made


this for her. :)
It was lemon cake with marzipan & butter cream icing, and it was awesome. So awesome. 

I was quite happy with how it turned out! But it took forever to decorate. Almost all afternoon. And you should have seen the mess! I wish I had taken a picture of it.... it was a disaster in my kitchen!

Rachel's party was super fun, it was a wine-tasting party, and everything was fantastic! Especially the jalapeno poppers. Mmmmm.
Then, Saturday, I had the morning to myself to clean the house and exercise. At noon, I had to rush over to the bush to bring Ty and his Dad some lunch, then I had to rush back to make sure the door was open for my sister-in-law Lesley and Ty's cousin Nicole! They were using my house as an impromptu salon so Lesley could do Nicole's hair, nails & makeup for her grade 12 prom.

Isn't she pretty?
They weren't done until 4:15 (you can't rush these things, after all... it's hard work getting all beautified) and so by the time we had the house to ourselves, it was time to make supper! Oy!

So that was Saturday.
Sunday, we went to church in the morning, and after church we went to see Ty's brother & sister-in-law, because we haven't seen baby Brianna since she was 6 days old! She's 6 weeks old, now. So far too long.

I hugged and kissed and snuggled and rocked and loved loved loved her up, while Ty went to help Wayne & his Dad down at the bush.  We were there much longer than I had anticipated, so by the time we left we were starved! Michelle had offered us lunch, but I declined because we did have lunch waiting for us at home. So at 3:00, when we finally got home, we were pretty hungry!
And that was my weekend. How was yours?


  1. Such a pretty cake, and yummy too. I was so surprised and happy that you made it for me!

    This should be a career for you girl.

    And yes,
    getting pretty is fun.

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend!

    The cake was beautiful.

    The cousin was beautiful. ;)

    And, I'm sure baby Brianna was beautiful. :D

  3. Yes. Busy weekend.

    And gorgeous cake. You really should start up a side business doing that.


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