Thursday, May 27

I have 6 points already.

You heard me.

Or, read what I wrote.

That's right, I have SIX points, before anyone else has any points at all. Two of those points are bonus points because I was the FIRST overnight guest at Creekside this year! Boo yah!

The next overnight guest only gets one point, and the next one gets MINUS 2 points. So ya'll better bring your A game!!

(Adeena, I have a sunburn. And I don't know how that possibly could have happened, because we spent all day in the shade... except for walking to the house and back. I must burn very, very quickly.)

(Oh, but, it doesn't matter that I have a sunburn. I had a BLAST. And I will come back, sooner than later. :D )


  1. I have a sunburn, too. And so does Hannah. O.o

    It was SO MUCH FUN!! :D

    You better come back. It would be hilarious if you got the 'next guest' point, too! :D :D

  2. I'm exempt from the "minus 2" point, because I've already won the first overnight guest award. :) But I can win the "next guest" point! Haha! If Mom doesn't actually make it this week, who knows, maybe I will win it! :D

  3. You established a point system?

    That settles it.

    I'm coming up Saturday.

  4. It's true, there is a point system now. And I gots all the points so far. :D


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