Friday, May 21


... so I didn't post pictures today.

I know.

I have just sat down after getting half of the children bathed, clothed, and in bed, the other half showered, their clothes in the wash because they were disgustingly grodey, and now I am going to grab a Growers and the mint chip ice cream my dear husband brought home for me and I am going to park myself in front of the TV and watch hockey, because honestly I do not care anymore. I still have a baby to nurse, and he's probably going to get pinchy. Just because.

To all the parents who currently have more than one child: I salute you. For just surviving. And if you manage to blog, with pictures, while caring for more than one child, I freakin' sing an anthem for you. 

Goodnight, everybody.


  1. We know we rock. :p

    Welcome to my world. Although I don't have a Nate, but two Ava's.

    You are doing awesome Sarah! I'm sure they are having fun.

  2. Yes. Growers. Momma needs some growers. Or wine.

    Again. You rock. Thank-you for taking such great care of my children, while I am off galavanting.

    I totally owe you. Huge.

  3. Awesome. :D

    Now you see why 9pm is the golden hour. :D :D


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