Saturday, May 15

Just a quick note...

to say that I am VERY tired. But happy. :)

It was a good, busy day. I had 5 nephews plus my youngest brother over for the afternoon, and we did not stop until about 3:45. It was hockey, baseball, capture the flag, air hockey, and tomfoolery all afternoon! Lots of fun, but I'm glad for some downtime. ;)

I'll have pictures tomorrow. Right now, I'm off to take the last boy home. 

Until Tomorrow, 



  1. Thanks again for watching them!

    They had so much fun. :D

    You're taking him home already?? It's not midnight. ;)

  2. They did have a LOT of fun. Way more fun than sitting in a dance competition would have been.

    Thank-you for giving them a good day.

  3. I love that you love God too!

    :o) He is good!


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