Sunday, May 16


Wrestling matches....

With no clear cut winner...

Hockey tournaments...

With only one lonely goalie (who did AWESOME!).
Actually, that's not entirely true... I was the other goalie for a little bit. I didn't have any equipment, and my goal was an upturned wheelbarrow, but still. And any and all goals that did manage to slip by me were totally my teammates' faults. Defense, boys, DEFENSE!

And the Referee! He did good, except he could have called a LOT more penalties on Uncle Tyler. That guy is a goon!

I don't have any more pictures to post, unfortunately, because I was busy having fun with the boys, not taking pictures of them!
Next time I'll have to try to take more pics. Hopefully Deklan will be in a better mood and let me put him down for two minutes! :P


  1. Looks like they had a blast... and, I know they did! :D

    Tyler is a bit goonish. ;) :P

  2. They did have a blast. Quin was telling his Daddy all about it tonight. And he said that Uncle Tyler is fun. If a bit goony.


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