Saturday, May 22

The Second Day!

Friday was also a beautiful day, so we spent a lot of time outdoors! Most of the morning, and a lot of the afternoon. We stayed in around lunchtime because it was just too hot.

Beautiful Emma


Beautiful Ava

Guess what I went and bought in town on Thursday.

Sidewalk chalk!

The kids had fun drawing and colouring in what I drew for them.

And D-man had fun....

Taste testing.

Sidewalk chalk is non-toxic... at least that's what the container says.

I love Ava's eyes. They are so gorgeous!

It really is non-toxic... really!

Even Quin had fun colouring... he drew a rainbow.

With a pot of gold....

And a little leprechaun.

Friday was a super fun day! Today is a little more boring for the kids, because they're stuck inside. Darn rain! But I see the sun starting to peek out of the clouds, so maybe after lunch they'll be able to go out and play!



  1. Rain rain go away!

    Beautiful pictures.

  2. LOVE the first one of Emma!! So pretty.

    LOVE Deklan's foot on the chalk! :D And the jean-clad baby bootie. XD

    And the leprechaun!! XD Awesome, Quin.

    I'm glad chalk is non-toxic... and... tasty... O.o

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures, Sarah. Don't tell Emma, but she's lost some teeth. Shhhhhh.

    Quin's art is fantastic!

    Just a gorgeous post. A feast for the eyes, truly.

  4. Sidewalk chalk is sooo much fun!!

    And gorgeous pictures.

    I'm sure the kids are having a blast.

  5. You really don't expect us to believe you spelled lepercon right the first time, do ya'?

  6. @yogrynch: I don't have any trouble spelling leprechaun. Leprechaun leprechaun leprechaun! :P


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