Sunday, May 23

Gratuitous Eyelash Photo


 Just because. 

It's Sunday Morning, and I'm lazy.

The kids are watching "Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakwel" and I want to run away far far away but I can't... I have to be the "responsible" "adult". 

So I am hiding in the kitchen until it is over.

And I'm not getting out of my pajamas.

And I just may make pizza dough.... maybe.

Happy Sunday, Everyone! Isn't it some dead Queen's birthday? Or is she still alive? I don't even know. :P



  1. I love pizza! So are you saying that it's nude Sunday at the Fenton's house. We will NOT be coming for a visit and if we do there will be advanced warning call before we leave our house;)

  2. The Squeakwel. I don't think I can handle that much chipmunk, either.

    Nude Sundays, eh? Remind me never to visit you on a Sunday. :P I don't want to know about your 'spiders'. O.o

  3. HA!

    I meant, I'm not getting out of my pajamas.

    See? This is what happens when you don't proofread.

  4. She's got to be dead. There's a movie about her.

    Naked days are awesome!

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