Friday, May 14

Goodbye Forever

Yesterday, I parted ways with my car.

She was my first car, and I loved her.

This is me and my car in 2007, when my mom and siblings gave it a detailing clean for my birthday! Best present ever.

There was no way we were going to get more than 150 dollars from the dealer if we traded in, so we sold her to a guy from work who has a scrap metal business. We took off the tires because the tires were worth more than the car was. :P

Knowing that the only thing left for her was to be spare parts, it was surprisingly hard to watch as they put her up on blocks and took off the tires. I actually got teary.

The ride to the dealer's in Ty's truck was a long one.  
It was weird, feeling so emotional about a big piece of metal and electronics.  I'm not a very teary person in general, I really only cry when I'm angry, so it was strange.

We got to the dealership, went in and signed all the paperwork, got the keys to our new vehicle.  Tyler wanted me to drive it home, because he knew I was all weepy about the car. 

So, I got in it, adjusted everything to where I needed it, put her in drive and pulled onto the road.

And Fell In LOVE.

 Her name is Baby Blue, Blue for short.  I decided that about two minutes into the drive. I was grinning like an idiot when we stopped to get some Vitamin C at the Shoppers Drug Mart, and Tyler just laughed at me.  He said "You're over the car, aren't you?" and I said "Oh my yes!"
I'm such a fickle person.
So, Goodbye Forever to my 300M, and HELLOOO Ford Escape! :D
Until Tomorrow, 


  1. Fickle, for sure. But again, being the emotional person I am, I understand completely. Your father is a stalwart guy, but he couldn't watch as they towed away our 'Cuda. So, there you go.

    Glad you're in love with Baby Blue. She's very pretty, and shiny. I am happy for you.

  2. Ooohhhhh! Shiny!!!

    Totally get what you mean. I was sad to see Boomer go. And he was an old wreck. Just something about your first car, I guess.

    Now, you are a cool mommy!

  3. Oooo... she is a pretty, pretty Blue!! :D

    Yay for shiny new cars!!

    I was sad to see Jeff's blue sunbird get trashed... it was *our* car. But, we move on. Some more quickly than others, it seems. :P

  4. When I sold my chev I shed a tear too.

    I was very attached.

    I LOVE your blue though. Pretty.


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