Tuesday, May 11


Yes, "Bleh." is my title for today.

I will explain why, but first, MY BABY IS SO DARN CUTE!!! He's standing at my chair saying "Mum! Mum mum!" trying to get my attention.


Well, we've been crazy busy here lately.


We bought a new freezer (it's so beautiful! My little old ugly yellow one can't hold a candle to how new and pretty and shiny and energy efficient this new one is.)

And also, we are getting a new vehicle. Well, not brand new. But close!

So, there was a lot of paperwork and phone calling and trips to the bank and trips to town and trips back and picking up and or dropping off babysitters, bleh!


But it's a happy bleh.


  1. Did you get it yet?

    Which one did you decide to go for?

    Yay for new freezers! And adorable babies! :D

  2. We should be able to pick it up this Thursday! We got a 2008 Ford Escape, it's beautiful blue! :D

    Yes, new shiny things are nice. Especially since the old, not shiny things have just been getting older and less shiny.

  3. So happy! And yes, baby's wanting mum now are very cute. When there's three of them at one time, not so much.


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