Saturday, May 22

The First Day

Heather dropped off her kids Thursday at lunchtime, and after a quick lunch of peanut butter & jam rice cakes, we went outside to play. Because it was gorgeous!

Emma took the job of watching Ducky, in between doing cartwheels all over the place.

The big boys wrestled and played hockey, and were getting a little bored until I found them a ball to play soccer with.

Emma and I played "tag" with the camera... she had to run around and try to escape from being "shot", and she eventually got tired so I got this good pic. :)

The boys playing soccer....

Ducky was fascinated!

It kept them busy for a while, they were waiting for Uncle Tyler to get home so he could play with them! Uncle Tyler is MUCH more fun than Auntie Sarah.

I LOVE this picture of Emma. She is the definition of doe-eyes. Just look how beautiful her eyes are!

Those were all pics from Thursday, because Ducky is napping right now I'm going to post some pictures from Friday, too, a little later on. :)


  1. Gorgeous pictures Sarah.

    You are a very good Auntie....

  2. I didn't see these until just now!

    Awesome. Love the last one of Emma! Those are some beautiful eyes. :)


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