Thursday, May 20

It's Thursday!

At approximately 12:00 noon today, a van-load o' kids were dropped off at my house. They're going to be here until Sunday afternoon. 

We've been playing all day!

In the hot, hot sun!

Well, not all day in the hot hot sun, we did spend some time indoors and in the shade. It would be silly to spend ALL day in the hot hot sun... a silliness that I have partaken in, in my past, which resulted in very serious cases of sun stroke. Sun stroke is not fun, people... I don't recommend it. Take a siesta in the shade, instead. Much better for your brain and stomach, plus, you get to nap! Win win.

Anyways, I have NO energy left to do a good blog post today. 

Especially since I still have supper dishes left to do... and I'm not used to doing dishes for more than 3 people anymore. I know, it's pathetic. Especially since I used to do dishes routinely for at least 10 people! Well not every time. Mom did them most of the time, I'm saying I helped

And now an Emma is standing beside me looking for something to do, since her big brothers and Stinky Uncle are commandeering the T.V. Those boys and their hockey games.

Tomorrow I should be able to post something in the morning... hopefully. Something with pictures.



  1. Yay for fun in the sun! :)

    Did you get that Emma to dry? I'm sure she could. ;)

  2. Oh I'm sure she could have, but as I started the dishes Steve dropped by, so all the kids went outside to say hi to him.

    It wasn't as bad doing all those dishes as I made it out to be... I just like to groan moan and complain. ;)

  3. We never had a dishwasher. Ever.

  4. Emma LOVES doing dishes!!

    And delegate, Sarah. Boys can do dishes, and laundry. They can clean and sweep floors and wipe tables. Put those children to WORK!!!!

    And thank you so much. I am having a great time not cooking or doing dishes or laundry.

    You rock.


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