Wednesday, May 19

Little Foot

His feet are little in comparison to mine, but when I tried to fit a size 4 sandal on his foot today, it laughed at me. Figuratively speaking. Just my luck, there were no size fives. Durnit!

I just love his feet. I love to kiss them, and tickle them, and I love how he's learning to balance on them... he's getting so brave, one of these days I just know he's going to take a step without holding onto something. 

One thing he's using his feet for, that I've been discouraging, is kicking Mommy while I change his diaper. He really doesn't like his diaper being changed, and he's realized that he can kick my hands away and prolong the torturous event.  

Anyway, that's really all I have to say today. I love my baby boy's feet.
I just sat down after a long, busy day, and I'm not even really done because I'm in the middle of making supper. So, seeyalater!



  1. He's in a five?!?

    He's got boat feet! :D

    They are pretty cute, though.

  2. His feet are huge. Those Nike sandals? Quin was walking in those. So, it would have been the summer he turned one.

    Deklan's gonna be a big boy!!
    Or just have huge feet;)

  3. It's not just that they're big, they're FAT! Fat little feet! They don't fit in those Nike sandals because they're too fat! :P


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