Friday, April 30


Not every day, but most days, Tyler falls asleep on his chair after he gets home from work.

Some days, Ducky happens to fall asleep at the same time.

"Oh no! Don't wake up, baby, you're too cute napping with Daddy!"

He went back to sleep, maybe a little frowny but otherwise just as comfy as before.

I've said it before, but their eyes are THE SAME. Exactly. Except D-man is little and T-man is big.

I am very, very blessed. Oh my yes.


  1. AWWWWWWWWwwwwwww!!!

    They are so cute. And Deklan is so so squishy. Makes me want to munch his rolls. :D

  2. XD So cute. I saw the first picture and was like "Oh my goodness! Deklan's chunky thighs! O.O" Heehee

  3. Oh, my, YES. You are certainly blessed.

  4. These pics are great! Deklan looks like a big fan of daddy :) Love how comfy he looks sleeping on dad.

  5. You said it. My comment was going to be how THE SAME their eyes are.

    They are.

    And they are both WAY too cute!!!

    Well, Deklan more than Daddy. It's the chunky thighs.

  6. What'd you do to deserve them? ;)


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