Friday, April 16

8 months old!

Ducky is EIGHT months old! Holy zimolians!

He's a crawling and climbing machine, and it won't surprise me if he attempts to make his first steps sooner rather than later! He loves to walk everywhere holding on to our hands for balance, and sometimes he even takes a step or two just holding on to one hand!

He definitely has a big personality, and is quite opinionated. It's a challenge to change his diaper or wipe his nose, he's quite strong and not a fan. :)

He's got two teeth on top almost through, which has made him a grumpy guy lately! He's also been fighting a bad cold, which means he's coughing and sneezing and not sleeping well. Hopefully that will all get cleared up soon, so we can all sleep better!

It's so fun being his Mommy. He's such a quirky little guy!


  1. He's growing up so fast!!

    I *love* the third one! You can see his bare-but-not-for-long upper gum! :D

    I can't believe how blonde he's gotten.

  2. Yes, the first three pics are great. Love how the green in Ducky's shirt compliments the green grass. And he is such a cutie-patootey.

  3. I want to chew him. I'm drooling.

  4. So cute.
    And absolutely amazing how blonde his hair has gotten.

    Still has the brown forelock, though.


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