Friday, April 23

Cute Kids

This is Amelia.

Last week, Amelia was at my house overnight. Ducky was happy to have someone to play with, although Amelia didn't really like it when he tried to stand using her as a bracer.

Why was Amelia at my house?

Because of this sweet thing!

This is Brianna, Amelia's baby sister and my newest niece.

What was Ducky's reaction to me holding another baby?

Not impressed. ;)

I think he might want to be an only child.
I say, it's not up to him. HA!

Congratulations to W & M!


  1. Aha...he's got a hard life ahead of him. ;)

    Cute kids!

  2. Aww... cute girls! :) Deklan's reaction is hilarious!! :D

    Your post has no title. :P

  3. There. :P Now it does.

    Picky, picky, picky. ;)

  4. My first comment is not me. It's Quin.

    That picture of Deklan made me laugh out loud.
    A little jealous, isn't he?

    Girls are very cute.

  5. I'm thinking that one of Deklan is your new Facebook profile pic. ;p

    Cute babehs! :D


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