Saturday, April 10

Fear, Frustration, and Peanut Butter Cookies.

I had such a dorky day yesterday.

By dorky, I mean me. Not the day. Fridays are cool, man..... Tuesdays are a little dorky, though.


My internet is spotty sometimes. It decides not to work, and so doesn't work for a while. I don't usually sweat over it much, because I really don't do that much on the internet anyways, so I just wait until it works again and then go about doing whatever it was I wanted to do. But for the past few days, my internet wasn't working at all. This was no good. There were blogs to read, knitting patterns to find, emails to open, and OH MY who is leading the race for the most goals in the NHL this year?!?! Is it Sidney?? IS IT?!?

Despite the freaking in the previous paragraph, I wasn't actually that worried about it. I was just waiting for it to fix itself.

Then, yesterday, as I was going about my daily routine, Tyler's Grandma called. I was running on the treadmill when the phone rang, and so I was slightly out of breath when I answered. Poor Grandma couldn't hear me at all, between my ape-like grunting and the static and crackling of the phone. I heard something like "Tell Tyler that Dale says-" and then it cut out. Nothing. Nada. Not even a dial tone.

Three times she called, three times I only heard a few words (much interrupted by static) before it just cut out completely. Then, it wasn't working at all.

Of course, since I'm a dork, I assumed there was a murderer lurking outside who had cut my phone lines.

So, I finished my workout on the treadmill with Tyler's chair blocking the door, just in case someone attempted to barge through and murder me.

So of course, since I'm a dork, after I was done on the treadmill I proceeded to sweep the house S.W.A.T. style, with Ducky in one arm, and holding a pair of scissors in the other. Scissors, because if I had carried a knife, that would make me a TOTAL dork.

I took Lucy with me, partly because she's the only dog who knows how to climb the stairs (Big Dumb Brady just never learned) and partly because it helped having someone to watch my back, even if that someone is a 6 lb furball.

I didn't find anything, but that didn't reassure me too much. I've seen way too many thrillers to actually be able to relax, especially since the phone STILL wasn't WORKING.

I showered (with Lucy the guard dog keeping watch), got dressed in a hurry, took Deklan and left the house with the intention of running away to my Mommy's. I wanted to use her phone to call our service provider, but the real reason is that I was too nervous to stay in my scary scary house.

Oh, and just to prove HOW DORKY I really am, I even searched the car before I got in it. Opened the trunk and everything. Just in case someone was laying in wait inside.

Why am I admitting this? I don't even know. Perhaps it will make others feel better about themselves, because they're not little silly scaredy-cats.

Well, there's a happy ending. I called the service provider from Mom's, had a tea with Linda and ate a yummy peanut butter cookie made by Tiana, when I got home Tyler was here already so I felt safe, and the technician came out and fixed the internet (blown modem) and the phone (corroded line), so it's all good.

I like happy endings.


  1. Happy Endings are awesome.

    You ARE a dork...but I would have done the same. Overactive imaginations? Too many movies?

    And I know why you didn't relax after sweeping the house. It's when you relax that they GET YOU.

    Glad everything's fixed.

    wv: mingall: when you attempt to nonchalantly join a group of everyone.

  2. I would, and have, done the same thing.

    Glad you were brave enough to admit it. It let's all of us other 'fraidy cats be able to come clean.

    The good thing about where you live? Neighbours. SOMEONE would hear your screams. Where I live?

    Only coyotes, man.

  3. XD

    This is why I don't watch scary movies.

    Glad everything is fixed. I wouldn't have waited so many days without internet, though. ;) When mine went out, I called THAT DAY. :D

  4. That's why I like town. Town = nosy people who'd come running with base ball bats and such...

    Cookies make things good again.


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