Monday, April 5

A busy busy week!

So busy, that I have not had time to blog.

And you will have to wait a little bit longer for a real blog post, because every spare moment I have right now is being spent knitting part of a blanket for my sister-in-law Lesley's Dad, who is soon going to go through chemo treatments. Since I'm not a very fast or efficient (or good) knitter, it takes up a lot of time!

So I'll just leave you with this teaser... can you guess what my baby learned to do over the weekend??

Oh my, yes.


  1. Well, that's fun! :D

    Time for a baby gate. ;)

  2. His eyes are so sparkly! He loves learning new things. Bad, bad baby for climbing stairs, though.

  3. He rocks! Wait until he thinks he can just go down those steps himself. Any steps.


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