Wednesday, April 7

Little Stinker

Look at him, smiling at me, all proud of himself.

He's such a smartie-pants.

We are going to have to get a baby gate installed.

This is about step 5.

He made it to step 6 before I said "Augh that's enough!!" and brought him down.

He used to only try it when I was going up the stairs... the first time was when I was vacuuming. He would just wait at the bottom of the stairs for me while I vacuumed, but one day he decided he would follow me up. I turned around, and he was three stairs up! I had to run down and catch him before he fell. It freaked me out, man.

What is it with boys and dangerous/disgusting things? Why are his favourite things either electric, covered in dog hair or slobber, tall and rickety, or steep and tumbly?



  1. Yes. Boys.

    There are unfathomable.

  2. Look at him go! :D

    You'll have to look at our baby gate, and see if it'll work for you.


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