Saturday, April 24

An old picture....

That I thought was worth saving.

Found it this morning, on the last page of an old notebook I haven't looked at in ages.

The wings are cut off, I realize this, but that's because I was out of paper space. :/

I love to draw, I really should do it more often..... my time is eaten up by being a Mom, and other than that there's knitting, photography, blogging, reading.... ugh. So many hobbies, so little time.


  1. Awesomeness!!

    Very very nice. It was worth saving.

  2. DO MOAR.

    wv: prefle. As in, I would prefle you to draw instead of eat. Use your time wisely man!

  3. Yes, you have a gift. HANG ON!! Don't let go, who needs food?

  4. Yes, I agree. Sarah, you need to use your awesome drawing talent. You don't use it, you lose it. So, forget something... I don't know.... hard to decide what to drop. Don't do dishes. Use disposable plates. Or eat out of the pots. Anything to keep drawing.

    WV: niterrup Interrupted sleep in the middle of the night. Something you mommies are very, very familiar with. Or, in proper English: Something with which you are very familiar. :D

  5. You are an excellent arteest.

    You should for sure keep doing it. Or start doing it again.

    Write a cute children's book. Just do a cutesy poem, and add awesome illustrations. Then get published, and become rich. This is an awesome plan.
    I really don't know why you haven't thought of it before.

    wv: liket. As in, I liket.

  6. wow- you know, i can't really draw at all- like, it's hard for my mind to wrap around how someone can do it! i just can't! you should do it more! especially if you love it.


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