Thursday, April 1

His new favourite thing.

He discovered he has legs.

And that he can stand on them!

So now, all he does is crawl over to things that appear to be sturdy (key word is "appear" because the things he chooses are not always such) and pull himself up to standing.

Exersaucer, Mommy's legs, Brady, chairs, couch, high chair, stairs, anything within reach is worth a try.

The thing is, he's not quite balanced. He falls, a lot. He cries, then gets up and does it again... no more careful the second time around.

Yesterday, he bonked his head twice, with no crying! I guess he's either damaged the part of his brain that receives pain signals, or his pain threshold is growing. Tyler says he's just getting tough.

I think he's going to be walking soon. He's just too determined to DO things!


  1. Yay for standing! :D

    And BOO for growing up too fast. :P

  2. Maybe you should buy him a baby helmet. Your grandma always said toddlers should wear helmets!

  3. Babies are made of rubber. They bounce.

    He is getting too big!!

    I bet he does walk early. He is a very determined little guy.


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