Friday, April 30

Getting too smart....

This is a new trick Ducky has learned.

I used to be able to trick him into opening his mouth, when he was less than enthusiastic about whatever it was (sweet potatoes, peas, rice cereal, what have you) that I was trying to feed him.

But not anymore.

He refuses -simply refuses- to eat anything that he doesn't see me eating, too.

So, I've been feeding him off my plate a lot more lately.

Bye bye, baby food!


  1. I saw that tonight. Caught you eating a mouthful of mashed up cold peas, and when you explained why, I nearly busted out laughing!!

    Smart, SMART baby!!

    Can't really blame him, though. I'd much rather have lasagna than mashed up unsalted/unflavoured canned yams.

  2. That is such a riot!! :D

    ^ Me too. Mmmm... lasagna.


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